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What Is the Difference Between Home Care & Home Health Care?

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Both home health care and home care provide care for people in their own home. That being said, they do have some major key differences that you should be aware of. One of the main differences between the two is the fact that home health care is clinical care while home care is nonclinical.


So now that we’ve established that home care is nonclinical, what exactly does that mean? Home care is given by home care aides who undergo training to be able to provide care for seniors. This type of care relates mainly to day-to-day activities like meal preparation, bathing, driving, dressing, medicine intake, companionship, bills, etc. Home care is not covered by Medicare or private health insurance.

In-Home Medical Care

Home health care is a medical service that can be provided by an occupational therapist, registered nurse or other medical professional. Typically, this care is prescribed for the patient after leaving the hospital. Home health services include performing medical tests, treating wounds, monitoring status and giving medication. Home health care is typically covered by Medicare and private health insurances but usually is not covered by long-term care insurance.
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