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Benefits of Home Care Services for Bedridden Seniors

Senior Homecare
Aging in place has become a popular alternative for seniors instead of relocating to a nursing home, including those who are confined to their bed. Caring for a parent who is bedridden can be physically, emotionally and mentally exhausting for families. Fortunately, home care service providers are available who provide care for seniors who are bedridden.

Seniors often need to be in their own home setting, the place they are familiar with and comfortable in. Senior care services provide a range of services that will help your senior loved ones remain in their home while providing safety and companionship. Here are some of the benefits of home care services for bedridden seniors.

Help Maintaining Good Hygiene

Good hygiene is an extremely important part of the home care services for bedridden seniors. Daily bathing is a must, not only to help seniors feel clean, refreshed and relaxed, but also to improve their appearance, which also helps with self-esteem and confidence. Senior home care services can assist bedridden seniors with bathing as well as shaving, dressing, and brushing teeth and hair.

Linens and Bed Care

One of the most critical parts of in-home care services for bedridden seniors is bed maintenance. Bed linens should be changed routinely to prevent germs and to ensure the person feels comfortable. Should the bed linens become soiled, they need to be changed right away. If there is a home care provider in the home, you won't have to worry about your senior loved one lying in soiled sheets.

Staying Active

Even though your senior loved one is bedridden, they need to remain as active as possible. Home care providers can keep seniors occupied with playing games, conversation, reading to them or simply watching a movie with them. In some situations, the home care provider may also be trained to assist your loved one with light exercises and range of motion, which can help maintain movement and muscle mass.

Eating Healthy

If your senior loved one is bedridden, they can't prepare meals. Eating healthy is important for bedridden patients. Eating the appropriate meals will help prevent gaining or losing too much weight, both of which can increase the risk of pressure sores (bedsores).

One of the best benefits of senior home care services is that they can help make sure your bedridden loved one is eating healthy meals. Many home care providers will also do the grocery shopping as well as meal preparations, and the home care professionals will keep your loved company during meals.

Prevent the Risk of Bedsores

Ensuring seniors that are bedridden are comfortable is essential. Senior care providers will help to ensure your loved one is comfortable by making sure they have everything they need, such as blankets for warmth, pillows for support, and position changes to prevent the risk of bedsores and skin breakdown.

If bedsores or other skin injuries are already present, home care services will have the resources to ensure your loved one receives the appropriate treatment and help to prevent future skin problems.

If your senior loved one is bedridden but is still able to remain in the comfort of their own home, senior home care services allow you to rest assured in knowing that they are being well cared. Home care services also ensure you that your loved one is not alone; they will have the companionship they need.

If you live out-of-state or are unable to be with senior loved ones, you can make arrangements with the senior home care provider for additional services as well, such as in-home nursing, transportation to and from doctor appointments, and even 24-hour care.

A wide range of services are available through senior home care providers, so be clear when talking with the agency about the expected services you are interested in for your loved one.

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